Work out with Bose Soundsport!

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Work-out with Bose Soundsport

Ok I admit, I’m not a fervent sports fan (Bouh bad girl!)… In the morning, it happens to have the laziness to do my sports session… Oh yes you recognize yourself in me is not it? Girls, we’re all the same 🙂

I love listening to music, It’s such a motivation during my work-outs and I like to use Bose Soundsports headphones for this purpose.

These headphones work with bluetooth and the technology is definitely solid! I like the fact that they do not fall out when you sweat, they stay in your ears during workouts and even during running.

Without suprises, the peaker quality is definitely fantastic including treble, base and clarity.

Shop your own headphones : Bose Soundsport




Photo crédits : Elliott Gauthier

Location : Bali

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