Island vibes in Philippines with Revelrey swimwear

Pauline Baly Revel Rey

During december, I spent over a month on a small island in the northern Philippines. An island still preserved and spared by mass tourism. The population is warm and the life is sweet and joyful …

Imagine a house on stilts by the sea, the sound of waves wakes you up every morning… You just have to walk a few steps to reach the beach and bathe in the warm sea, alone in the world.

Here life is simple, local people live mainly from agriculture, they are smiling and welcoming. I was particularly touched by the wisdom of the Filipinos, they are wonderful people with a huge heart. You know, it feels good to disconnect from everything you know for a while to make the point in its mind and recharge in positive energy.

It’s here, on this beautiful island, that we create a lookbook for Revelrey swimwear.

I’m wearing Rey, Bandolero and Blondie suits.


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