Hi Smile, my beauty secret for a pearly smile

Pauline Baly Hi smile

A beautiful smile is important, especially in my job but there are several factors that can alter the brightness and turn that smile into a nightmare …

I’m a big fan of coffee and tea, in addition to sweets (yes it’s not good 🙂 ) and I guarantee that I have no choice but to take good care of my teeth. Beyond brushing teeth, I used to go to the dentist for teeth care but also teeth whitening.

I discovered that alternatives existed for teeth whitening, less expensive and more practical. I discovered Hi Smile, a reliable teeth whitener awfully efficient and convenient, HiSmile is usable and transportable anywhere.

I use Hi Smile 3 times per week. Very easy to use, I just need to use it during 10 minutes after brushing my teeth, Hi Smile turns off automatically at the end of the cycle.

Quickly, I saw significant results and I won several shades.

Now, I’m not worried when I drink my coffee 🙂


Hismile - 1Hismile - 01 Hi smile - 2


More informations / Want to buy Hi Smile ? It’s here!

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